The dev aggregation abaft the new ODIN: VALHALLA RISING MMORPG appear a Q&A for its players, specifically, its Global, English speaking players.

Yes! ODIN is assuredly accepted to be advancing out Globally! And I apperceive what you’re cerebration – “Isn’t this that auto-play MMO you talked about beforehand this year?” Yes, yes it is.

So with that knowledge, this wouldn’t necessarily be acceptable account if it appear in the anatomy it’s currently in… but what changes things – for me – is the actuality that they fabricated a animadversion on the auto-play appearance and whether they’ll be present aural the All-around release.

For those of you blind of what ODIN: VALHALLA RISING IS, it’s an MMORPG developed by Lionheart Studio and appear by Kakao, the old administrator for Black Desert Online, and the accepted administrator for amateur like Guardian Tales and Elyon.

ODIN is, as you’d expect, a Norse-themed MMO featuring characters like Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya and more. It’s set in an astronomic accessible world, and appearance a graphical appearance affiliated to that of Black Desert Online. This was advised to be absolute antagonism for BDO due to the absurd affinity it shared.

"Are there any account about the all-around release?"

In their aperture question, they went on to affirm their intentions to absolution the bold Globally.

We accept account to allotment indeed! Recently, we chose Kakao Amateur to be Odin Valhalla Rising’s publisher, for both the Taiwanese & all-around versions of the game. Kakao Amateur has an astronomic bulk of acquaintance and in publishing games, both aural and alfresco South Korea.

In addition, Kakao Amateur is our game’s administrator in South Korea. Our adventure calm has been, so far, overwhelmingly successful.

Now if you guys recall, I afresh did a video pertaining to the cutting success of ODIN: VALHALLA RISING aural South Korea. Not alone did it acquire over $100 actor dollars aural its aboriginal ages of actuality accessible online, but it had millions of alive players arena during its aboriginal few months actuality online.

So yeah, honestly, it was appealing successful.

We are attractive avant-garde to continuing that adventure and seeing what the approaching holds for both of us.

Last but not least, Odin is appointed to absolution in Taiwan during the aboriginal division of abutting year (2022). The all-around absolution is accepted to booty abode appropriate afterwards the Taiwanese one.

So that is a acceptance that ODIN will be absolution Globally either during the aboriginal division of 2022 – January through March, or anon after. Meaning the abutting few months!

"Are you activity to abolish the "autoplay" advantage from the all-around adaptation of the game?"

And this, I believe, is what is activity to accomplish or breach the bold for us as Western players. Auto-combat is an awful affection that should not abide in PC games. Mobile? Fine, but PC? Not at all.

Their acknowledgment to this, though?

We are still because that advantage and accept yet to accomplish a final accommodation on the matter.

What this agency is that abundant bodies requested they change it, and if abundant bodies abide to accomplish their choir heard – like activity into the animadversion area and advertence you appetite auto-play removed, again we ability get a adaptation chargeless of that limitation.

"Do you guys assignment on added projects, added than Odin Valhalla Rising?"

To which they responded with,

Yes! We afresh appear that we are alive on a brace of new titles, in accession to Odin Valhalla Rising.

For those of you that enjoyed ODIN, or for those of us attractive for approaching MMOs, get Odin Valhalla Rising Diamonds at https://www.p2pah.com/odin-valhallarising-diamonds.html – this is a acceptance that they’re alive on added than one new title, one of which ability be an MMO.

"Can you allotment added advice about the new projects? What affectionate of amateur are they? Which platforms will they be accessible on?"

Those projects are still in a absolute aboriginal date of development. When the appropriate time comes, we will acquiescently acknowledge added information.

Unfortunately they’re not accommodating to absolutely busy on what types of amateur they’re alive on specifically. Which is fine. I’d candidly like a new PC MMO – a PC absolute MMO. I feel like that’s a footfall in the appropriate direction.

"Are we activity to see annihilation about Odin in this year's G-star bold convention?"

As you guys ability be aware, G-star is one of Korea’s better gaming contest area Korean developers appearance off their games.

Their response?

“Yes you will! G-star is South Korea’s better bold assemblage and back Kakao Amateur are one of the capital sponsors of this year’s convention, Odin is activity to be ‘The Star’ of G star!”

And that’s it for their Q&A.

We abstruse absolutely a bit from it – they’re in the action of alive on absolution the bold Globally aural the abutting several months, and they’re advertent removing auto-play from our adaptation of the game. Which would accomplish this into absolutely the aggressive MMO title.