Best Packs to Buy in Madden 24 Ultimate Team


Madden NFL 24 is a football video game developed by EA Sports and is part of the long-running Madden NFL series. The main gameplay revolves around football simulation, managing a team, and improving players, which can be built and enhanced by collecting player cards, items, and Madden 24 coins.

Madden NFL 24’s Ultimate Team (MUT) mode offers players a multitude of ways to build their dream team through the acquisition of packs. Each pack provides a different array of player cards, items, and rewards, making it crucial to know which packs are the most valuable for your investment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best packs to buy in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, helping you make informed decisions to strengthen your lineup and optimize your gameplay experience.

1. Elite Player Packs

Elite Player Packs are a staple for any serious MUT player. These packs guarantee at least one Elite player card, which means you’re assured a high-quality addition to your team. The Elite players often come with enhanced stats that can significantly impact your gameplay, providing a competitive edge on the field.

Purchase these packs when you need a reliable boost to your team's overall rating. They are particularly useful early in the game to quickly build a solid foundation of elite players.

2. Legends Fantasy Packs

Legends Fantasy Packs offer a chance to obtain some of the greatest players in NFL history. These packs allow you to choose from several rounds of player cards, including guaranteed Legends player options. Legends cards have superior attributes and can dramatically improve your squad.

Target these packs during special Legends releases or promotions. They are perfect for players looking to add iconic football stars to their lineup and can be especially impactful if you’re aiming to create a theme team centered around a particular era or franchise.

3. Team of the Week (TOTW) Packs

TOTW Packs are released weekly and contain players who performed exceptionally well in the most recent NFL games. These packs are an excellent way to stay current with the latest top performers and inject fresh talent into your team.

Consider purchasing TOTW packs each week to keep your team up-to-date with the latest and greatest players. They are ideal for maintaining a competitive edge throughout the NFL season.

4. Ultimate Legend Packs

Ultimate Legend Packs take the Legends concept to the next level by featuring enhanced versions of legendary players. These packs often come with boosted stats and unique abilities, making them some of the most sought-after cards in MUT.

These packs are best bought during Ultimate Legends promotions or events. If you’re aiming to create a powerhouse team filled with top-tier talent, investing in Ultimate Legend Packs is a smart move.

5. Game Changer Packs

Game Changer Packs offer a mix of high-rated player cards, often with a higher probability of pulling elite-level talent. These packs are known for their consistency in delivering valuable players, making them a favorite among MUT enthusiasts.

Opt for Game Changer Packs when you’re looking for a well-rounded boost to your team. They are versatile and can be beneficial at any stage of your MUT journey.

6. Gridiron Packs

Gridiron Packs provide a balanced mix of players and items, with a good chance of pulling elite cards. They are a reliable option for players looking to steadily improve their team without breaking the bank.

Purchase Gridiron Packs regularly to gradually build a strong team. They offer great value for their cost and can help fill gaps in your lineup with quality players.

7. Special Promo Packs

Throughout the Madden season, EA Sports releases various special promo packs tied to in-game events and holidays. These packs often include exclusive players, unique items, and increased chances for elite pulls.

Always keep an eye out for special promotions and events. Promo packs are usually available for a limited time and offer unique opportunities to snag rare and powerful cards.

Tips for Maximizing Your Pack Purchases

1.Stay Informed:

Keep up with Madden 24 news and updates to be aware of new pack releases and promotions. This helps you plan your purchases and capitalize on the best opportunities.

2.Manage Your Currency:

Whether you’re using coins or points, manage your in-game currency wisely. Prioritize packs that offer the most value and align with your team-building goals.

3.Participate in Events:

Engage in in-game events and challenges to earn free packs and additional rewards. This can supplement your pack purchases and boost your team without extra spending.

4.Be Patient:

Sometimes the best packs are released during special events or as part of promotions. Patience can pay off if you wait for these high-value opportunities.


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Building a formidable team in Madden 24’s Ultimate Team mode requires strategic pack purchases. By focusing on the best packs available and staying informed about in-game events, you can maximize your investment and enhance your MUT experience. Whether you’re aiming to collect legendary players or keep your team current with top performers, knowing which packs to buy will give you the competitive edge you need to dominate on the field. Happy pack opening!