Could we have a discussion about the Bard class


Recently, I had an encounter with a double Bard team during a crypt run with a friend. It's not a big deal that we died; that's part of the game, and it's entirely normal to lose fights. I'd like to emphasize that my concern isn't rooted in frustration over losing. Please refrain from responding with "mad cuz bad" or anything of the sort; that's not the issue. What really astounded me was the sheer power of the Bard class in comparison to its counterparts introduced earlier in the game.

What caught my attention was the cause of our defeat: a double Bard setup, alongside another player who wasn't a significant contributor to the fight. I couldn't fathom how potent Bards are. It's not that they're good; they're comically powerful.

Upon inspecting this player's buffs, I was genuinely astonished. They had more than ten buffs, many of which lasted a remarkably long time. These durations far exceeded those of the Wizard's haste or invisibility buffs.

Initially, I suspected this player to be an ultra-geared, fully decked-out pub stomper. However, they were equipped with greens and blues, which, while respectable, didn't justify the sheer number of buffs they possessed. This prompted me to examine the Bard's abilities more closely.

I have a few grievances, and I'll do my best to express them without excessive frustration:

1, Buff Durations: Why do Bard buffs last so much longer than other classes? Some of them endure for 120 seconds, while Wizards have buffs lasting a mere 8 seconds. The difference is staggering, a factor of 15.

2, Abundance of Songs: Bards have around 20 different songs that can stack. Will the original classes, such as Wizards, ever come close to the variety that Bards enjoy? Wizards, for instance, have Light Orb, a seldom-used spell, resulting in limited variety in loadouts.

3, Spellcasting Power: It's disappointing that Bards are arguably more potent spellcasters than Wizards and Warlocks. I counted approximately 20 different spells in their arsenal.

4, Infinite Regen: Does stacking two Bards create a path to 'infinite regen' spells?

5, Skill Relevance: Bards can upgrade a 'Good' spell to 'Perfect,' rendering it unnecessary to master the primary function of buffing their team with spells. Other classes, such as Barbs/Fighters with Francisca axes or Wizards with their spells, are expected to aim accurately. This seems unbalanced.

6, 'Song of Silence': The existence of 'Song of Silence' seems perplexing. How does a SONG silence anyone? Why don't Wizards, who are known for their extensive spellcasting in the 'D&D' universe, have access to a silence spell? Are we going to see spells like 'Food of Starvation' in the next patch?

7, Loadout Flexibility: Bards can select any five spells without any stat restrictions, unlike Clerics, Wizards, and Warlocks, who must manage their spells based on certain criteria. The Bard can even double down with another Bard for an infinite number of spells.

8, 'Song of Open-Boxes': Bards have a spell to unlock all boxes and open doors within a radius, granting access to some of the best loot in the game. Meanwhile, we can't even purchase lockpicks to engage in the mini-game for similar loot.

In summary:

- I appreciate the Bard's versatility and its potential for support and variety.

- The Bard's rich variety of songs should ideally be a model for other classes to encourage diverse player choices.

- Stacking 10+ buffs feels incredibly overpowered and should be subject to significant restrictions. Perhaps a player can only benefit from one instrument's song at a time, or there should be a hard cap on the number of songs a player can have. The current cap appears far too high.

- The durations of Bard songs are excessively long. 120 seconds is unreasonable when other classes have 6-8 second buffs.

- The Bard, in its current state, violates two core design principles of the game: scarcity and opportunity cost.

- Scarcity: Bard songs can replenish finite resources that non-Bards either pay for or go without.

- Opportunity Cost: Warlocks, Clerics, and Wizards have constraints on spell selection, while Bards can choose spells without limitations.

- When facing a Bard spamming songs, there's no way to counter-prepare, as they can easily outwait you multiple times over.

- I plan to create a Bard character tomorrow.

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