Eden Eternal Guide - VGN Awaken


Welcome! This Eden Eternal Guide provides specific details about VGN Awaken that I believe will be valuable to you.

Let's start with the server rates:

   Experience: x8

   Class Experience: x8

   Gold: x2

   Drop: x8

Altar Rotation:

   Monday > Wednesday > Friday (Maintenance typically occurs on Thursday, so it lasts for one day and returns one day before maintenance).

Other important details include:

   Level Cap: 130

   Fortification stops at +14

   11 Normal Custom Maps

   Over 15 DNGs (Dungeons)

   Numerous custom-made items and gears

   Skills retain their original casting animations

   Awaken Weapons at Level 100 and 125

   Rebalanced/Reworked Awaken Classes

   Multiple Exclusive PvP/PvE systems

   AP Purchases provide rewards compared to other servers

   Custom Racial Craft Items (Gems/Tools/Potions, and more)

   A vast selection of custom costumes and recolored costumes

   Improved Boss reward and skill list UI

   Archive Filter and Search feature

   Gear Swap increased from 3 to 5

   Introduction of New Gear (Monster Stone)

   Settings option to hide your own damage (prevents lag on low-power computers)

   Internal upgrades to minimize crashes (ensuring a rare occurrence)

These are just a few of the many features and improvements made by our small team. We hope you find this information helpful. For more details, you can visit MMOexp.com, get Eden Eternal gold and items from us easy, 100% great service.