Efficient Daily Challenges with Proteans


Hello fellow RuneScapers! If you're looking to breeze through your daily challenges swiftly for those enticing keys and other rewards, here's a streamlined setup that might save you some valuable time. I'm currently maxed, so I'm in it for the perks, not the XP.

Current Setup in Max Guild, Prifddinas:

1. Prayer Skill Challenge: Burying 20/10 bones quickly while in the back.

2. Firemaking Challenge: Burning 20/10 protean logs using the bonfire upstairs.

3. Cooking Challenge: Using 20/10 tuna, easily accessible from my miscellania management, on the bonfire upstairs.

This setup works well, but I'm curious if I can consolidate all challenges into a single inventory and if other proteans, aside from logs, count for dailies. What setups do you fellow players use?

Alternative Setups:

1. Herblore:

- Preset with 18 Grimy Lantadymes and 6 super defense potions.

- Double-click the herbs and then make the 6 potions to complete Herblore.

- No need to read anything; it takes less than a minute.

- Works with any herb & potion combo, but this one often yields a profit.

2. Archaeology:

- Only two options for this skill: dig up 6 artifacts or restore 6 artifacts.

- For digging, focus on Venator remains to quickly gather 6 artifacts.

- Use the Archaeology master suit to teleport to the Bandos digsite and restore 6 artifacts.

- Takes less than a minute, and no need to read the challenge before completing.

These setups aim to optimize the process and minimize the time spent on daily challenges. With these quick and efficient methods, you can swiftly tackle your dailies, leaving more time for other in-game pursuits. Best of luck!
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