Embarking on the Arcane Journey: A New Player's Inquiry into Warlock Mysteries


Greetings fellow denizens of the Dark and Darker realm! My boyfriend and I have recently plunged into the captivating world of magic, wielding our powers as we navigate the mysterious landscapes. In our enchanting journey, I find myself drawn to the allure of the warlock, and I come bearing questions that seek the wisdom of seasoned veterans.

In my magical repertoire, I have cultivated a cleric, wizard, and warlock, each embracing the arcane with levels ranging from 13 to 18. As a fervent devotee of magical classes, the warlock has captured my fascination, yet I stand at a crossroads, pondering the nuances of its spells.

The enigma that perplexes my magical musings revolves around Curse of Pain (CoP) and Bolt of Darkness, both bearing an identical HP cost. Delving into the depths of experimentation against the stoic target dummies in the pregame lobby, a revelation unfolds. Bolt of Darkness manifests as a potent force, dealing approximately 48 damage on a well-placed headshot. In stark contrast, Curse of Pain weaves a different tale, inflicting around 18 damage upon impact and an additional 10-12 damage over time. Not only does CoP boast a shorter effective range compared to Bolt, but it also grapples with the predicament of diminishing damage when reapplied in rapid succession, unlike the steadfast Bolt.

As an aficionado of curses, hexes, and lingering afflictions, my heart inclines towards Curse of Pain and other debuffs. However, the looming question persists—am I inadvertently handicapping myself by shunning the seemingly omnipotent Bolt of Darkness? Moreover, the enigmatic allure of Dark Reflection has garnered attention, despite its seemingly lackluster attributes on paper. A mystic haze veils my understanding, and I seek the collective wisdom of the community to illuminate these arcane mysteries.

Dear wizards and warlocks, practitioners of the mystic arts, I beseech you for counsel! Share with me your insights, your revelations, and the untold secrets that swirl within the ether. If Dark Reflection holds a hidden key, unlocking its potential, reveal it to this humble seeker of knowledge. Is there a spellbinding synergy that eludes my discernment?

A seasoned sage in the community imparts the wisdom of a bugged interaction with soul collector. The arcane dance of Soul Collector bestows a 10% increase in the damage of dark spells per stack, accumulating to a formidable 60% total augmentation. Dark Reflection, a spell seemingly overshadowed, emerges as a silent benefactor, as it revels in the dark realms without consuming the precious soul collector stacks. A staff becomes an instrument of unparalleled potency, elevating the reflection's damage to formidable heights upon each cooldown.

In this arcane tapestry, the query extends beyond the ethereal confines of the warlock's arsenal. The seasoned practitioners are invited to share their cherished spells, their strategic incantations that have proven to be the catalysts for triumph on the mystical battlefield. Dark Bolt, with its elusive long-range prowess, earns a steadfast place in the magical arsenal. A subtle revelation unveils that the optimal deployment of Dark Bolt often aligns with a misdirection, catching unsuspecting foes off guard.

As I immerse myself in the ever-shifting currents of Dark and Darker, I extend a heartfelt plea for guidance, a plea that transcends the boundaries of spells and sorcery. New players, seasoned mystics, and venerable warlocks alike, your insights are the lanterns that illuminate the obscure paths of arcane mastery. Join me in this enchanting discourse, as we collectively unravel the mysteries that lie within the realms of Dark and Darker.

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