​How is the Progressive Lighting performed in Madden


How is the Progressive Lighting performed in Madden, if in any respect? I am simply now no longer seeing lots and I am honestly now no longer seeing it portrayed accurate primarily based totally upon geography and time of the 12 months.

This and dynamic climate could upload alot to the sport and I am curious whilst or if this may show up.

We honestly want a climate improve it have to be extra Dynamic. We have to be capable of manage the Temp like withinside the vintage NCAA video games have been it may be bloodless with out snowing, We have to listen the Thunder whilst it is raining and spot the sector get muddier as the sport is going on...

And the snow in Madden is lousy each subject appears the equal the snow does not construct as the sport is going on. Buffalo should not appear to be Green Bay. We have to see gamers fatigue quicker and sweat extra whilst gambling in Miami and Tampa on Hot day!!! Madden has paintings to do even at the lighting fixtures which I truly do not suppose is as awful because the climate IMO.

1. Lighting primarily based totally on instances of the 12 months and geography. So a Patriots recreation at 1 in September have to appearance exceptional than December.

2. Weather have to exalternate during the sport. It ought to begin cloudy, quit sunny. Start with clouds, quit with a snow and gradually construct.

3. Field degradation and uniform have to dynamic. I had cooper rush are available in for handoffs on the quit of my final recreation and he had grass stains everywhere. HE DIDNT PLAY!

Thus has been a puppy peavey of mine with Madden the final 7 to eight years. Lighting desires to be dynamic now no longer tied to quarters. Also lighting fixtures desires to be local as properly. Northeast video games get darkish actual early. West coast video games appear to be east coast four o clock video games.

Now climate. Weather has now no longer visible an improve the final decade. Weather desires to dynamic and be capable of blended wind/rain and rain/snow mixed. Gives us limitless climate aggregate as lengthy because it makes experience.

Ex no snow in Miami. I am like a person else stated Madden 02 had 4 Weather sliders Precip. Wind. Temp. Fog...

And in the end uniform degradation seems like some thing from two decades in the past ps1. All gamers get grimy very comparable. Remember whilst Madden touted the precise methods jerseys ought to get grimy. I forgot the 12 months however it quoted pronouncing participant will fall on shoulder and the shoulder at the blouse could get grimy of mut coins madden 23. Now most of these years later we've an inferior climate, lighting fixtures and uniform degradation machine however on consoles which could do many various things at one time. See Forza Horizon 5.

Multiple climate situations on one massive map. You can see this activities in actual time as you journey the map.