​I barely killed Uber Diablo on Single Player


Here is my story of luck and happiness, as well as some tips.

I've played single-player expansion of softcore off and on for about a week. I own a lvl. 78 the blizz sorc for MF and an lvl 86 Hammerdin. My equipment is pathetic with my most valuable items being HoZ along with hoto. I tried running ubers day ago but Lilith got me in the face I used the black runeword flail and hoz lifetap wand for switch +ias equipment... 2022 best d2r items buy & sell on p2pah and I decided to mine the sorc to get additional blow gear that can crush.

Yesterday I came across the first SoJ of hell Andy after playing the game for the first time since it was released twenty years ago! Today, after a morning of farming I came across Guillames face and I decided to sell the game and take on uber diablo!

I switched to my hdin and tried my setup using hell diablo /players 8 It was easy. So I decided to sell the SoJ and tried the uber diablo. But I didn't change back to /players 1!

I gradually got his health to around 3/4 of the way, and then it remained. My flail broke, and I took him to town to fix it and his health was improving.. I tried again to nothing. My heart sunk. Diablo recuperated his health faster than I could handle with it. Was I wasting my SoJ What was I doing wrong? I was reminded that adding percent of open wounds stop the healing process, but I didn't have any. Also, there were no items that the ability to stop monster heal.

That's when I spotted the difficulty of the player, so I changed it to 1 however I was unsure whether he would get weaker. After leaving town and then returning I punched his ASS! It worked.

Now I'm playing Anni to switch between characters on single-player with a low number of rolls (12/14/6). I'm stoked!

Be sure to have open wounds or block healing of the monster! Also, try ubers on players 1 lol.