​Just like green QBs do in actual lifestyles


For low cognizance QBs, (1) make the icons invisible presnap, (2) lead them to random publish-snap. That manner, you don’t recognize which WR is rectangular or X or triangle or something till AFTER the ball is snapped.

Benefits of this are that it forces low cognizance QBs to be performed in a “see it, throw it” manner, similar to green QBs do in actual lifestyles. And it doesn’t come on the fee of truly restricting wherein a person can throw the ball.


This is some thing I endorsed the day before today and I might be absolutely on-board with EA exploring this path. It might additionally be super if EA made to be had alternatives that allowed us to first-rate track how the scores and the device labored collectively so we ought to get it wherein we desired it to be.

Combine this with different suggestions just like the audible/warm path obstacles and I suppose EA might be cooking with some thing right here. QB's might truely experience differentiated if this turned into finished nicely.

Another concept that I noticed a person endorse these days turned into that in conjunction with having the icons hidden pre-snap, and random, they do not all seem immediately while you snap the ball with a decrease cognizance QB. I am without a doubt IN LOVE with this concept.

Think of ways all of those thoughts ought to integrate to make the QB role experience specific, that is some thing Madden has in reality struggled with doing ever.

You have Tom Brady, at the road of scrimmage you've got got 0 warm path obstacles, 0 warm path obstacles, can see all WR icons pre-snap this means that while you snap the ball you could see and throw to all of them immediately.

Now believe gambling as your rookie QB with mediocre cognizance. You're at the road of scrimmage. You have minimum audibles and warm routing cappotential. You best see your number one examine's icon pre-snap, while you snap it it takes a 2nd earlier than the second one button seems, and it is random every time, then the third subsequently comes in, additionally random, and so on.

That in reality is a pleasant manner of displaying that the man is green and is suffering to get via his reads.

Another concept that a person introduced up on this thread that might additionally pass pretty nicely with all of those thoughts is the button that at the road of scrimmage earlier than the snap, you press it and your QB analyzes the protection and primarily based totally off of scores they'll mechanically pick out who the number one examine must be primarily based totally off of the protecting alignment and what they accept as true with they're seeing the play might be.

And like that individual endorsed, it would not assure the path is open, and it is able to now no longer also be the proper examine. The insurance can be a disguise, or the QB may also have low cognizance and his pre-snap reads won't be as suitable as a person like Brady, Rodgers, and so forth.

If EA ought to integrate all of those thoughts, lead them to capable of be toggled on and off, and lead them to adjustable, oh boy. Even if we could not regulate them, however they have been in the sport, and as a minimum capable of be toggled on or off, I'd be over the moon.

I do surprise how plenty paintings it might require for them to get the device operating nicely. I suppose it is able to require EA to construct progressions into every play which might be pretty the undertaking. It might be ok if the icons acting publish snap have been random, however it might be a weaker factor to the structures, however if EA had them acting as it should be to what the progressions must be at the play primarily based totally at the number one receiver, then the device is simply that plenty higher.

You'd additionally should tinker with the device to peer the way it works great. Maybe with the decrease rated QB's you constantly see the number one WR's icon pre-snap and regardless of the test down/protection valve is at the play. So maximum performs you'll see a WR icon pre-snap in conjunction with your RB path, or a path like a drag path in case your RB turned into in blockading.

It's now no longer a mystery that many beginners generally tend to battle going via progressions, generally tend to pressure it to their first examine, or fall right into a sample wherein they test it down continuously even if different matters have been to be had. These structures might truly mirror that completely for a online game, in my sincere opinion.

I would like to have a weaker OL, have a rookie QB in my franchise, and continuously battle usering him due to the fact I in no way have the time for my progressions to be made main to me both forcing the ball, checking down continuously, or taking sacks. I've in no way struggled with a rookie QB in that practical style and those structures might truly make that viable.

I beg everyone who has EA's ear, please have them study those thoughts, lol. I'm salivating on the notion of truly suffering with a younger QB for as soon as. It might in reality make constructing that role in franchise mode as vital as it's miles in actual lifestyles, some thing EA has in no way finished.

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