​Mod Timbo taking Dark Facet of Passage buff guidelines


As many humans recognize, the darkish aspect of passage is extraordinarily unbalanced in it is contemporary country. Currently, it offers the consumer limitless passage of the abyss teleports, which sounds exact on paper. The cause it is unbalanced, is due to the fact POTA generally consumes 1 lucky thing to advantage 500 teleport prices. 1 lucky thing is normally someplace round 1.5m gp osrs. The Dark Facet of Passage is round 2b. You might want to apply over 1333 lucky additives really well worth of prices (666,500 teleports) earlier than you destroy even in this object. 99.9% of gamers will by no means use sufficient POTA prices, for the DFOP to ever be really well worth the use of. Essentially making the object a internet terrible for gamers, against the "small buff" it became supposed to be.

Thankfully, on the give up of present day movement, Mod Timbo stated he is searching into it - and taking guidelines on the way to make the object higher. Please sense loose to depart your guidelines right here! Here's some of mine: Let it paintings in all degrees of the desert, and perhaps allow us to integrate the transportable obelisk with it. Those thoughts make feel thematically, due to the fact that they may be all desert associated. I've additionally visible a few humans propose letting us fuse different teleport gadgets to it, consisting of skilling/slay helms, perhaps transportable fairy rings/spirit trees.

Well we are now no longer getting a gatestone functionality, however how approximately make it:

- make the PoTA attunable (some of preset locations a'los angeles GOTE)

- boom the PoTA ability to include all 12 tele gadgets

- enable teles from owned skillcapes (dung, slayer)

- enable ee-e book teles (archeology journal, captain's log)

- enable tele from different owned tele gadgets consisting of attuned teleport seed, cranium sceptre, that new druid lawn tele seed

- enable the quest/venture tele gadgets like lyre, bonesack, invitation box, Varrock armour to Bork, wildy sword, cranium of remembrance, remora's necklace

Now for this I will pay a few critical GP! It would not t destroy the financial system in any manner, however it'd boom stock area and make the PoTA the actual last teleport object.

Obviously the contemporary fee is simplest the end result of low deliver and rarity, so changing this to wide variety of PoTA teles/forts is IMO now no longer really well worth very a good deal.

To me, a median participant who commonly competencies and AFKs, that is what maximum of the tele gadgets are beneficial for, this appeal is presently almost useless. I made the PoTA some months in the past and used like 2 hundred teleports so a ways. I use it for dailies like invention guild, and now and again some thing else, however maximum of my teleport use is short lodestones with wax, dung cape, slayer cape, attuned seed, lotd, and the loose teles like max guild, manor farm, war's. At this charge, the preliminary 5k prices will ultimate me some years, and at 500 tele according to lucky, it is a steal. I get mine from scav4, however despite the fact that I failed to, it is like one or smooth clues for 500 extra teles, or a unmarried fortunate object from GE. I've installed a GE provide for 200M osrs gold for the aspect and while it hits, it hits, in any other case till then I'm now no longer bothered.