Mut 24 Franchise Mode Wishlist: Customizable Injury Severity and Roster Management


For avid Madden franchise players who relish the intricacies of team-building and cap management, the quest for a more immersive experience often leads to exploring customization options. One particular aspect that has garnered attention in the Madden 24 community is the longing for an injury severity slider, a tool that could add depth to the game and reshape the dynamics of team management.

The desire is not for an increase in the frequency of injuries but rather for an enhanced realism in the severity and duration of injuries. Currently, turning up the injury slider to 65 results in injuries occurring almost every third play, with offensive linemen often bearing the brunt. The request is not for more injuries but for injuries that have a more profound impact on the game, allowing rookies, whether drafted or undrafted, a genuine opportunity to step up and make their mark.

Furthermore, the community advocates for an overhaul of the Injury Reserve (IR) system, aligning it with current NFL settings. The proposal includes incorporating short-term IR with the possibility of players returning before the end of the season. The existing limitation of bringing only one player off IR per year is seen as a constraint on team building and denies opportunities for practice squad players to showcase their abilities.

Another noteworthy enhancement requested is the ability to activate or deactivate players from the game day roster, providing greater flexibility without necessitating the release of depth players to fill specific positions. While the desire for a more realistic injury system is paramount, the wishlist extends to various aspects of roster management to streamline the gaming experience.

In practical terms, Madden 24 franchise players are adjusting their injury sliders to a range between 25-30. This setting, combined with a meticulous consideration of injury ratings during team building, aims to strike a balance between realism and playability. A strategic approach involves passing on promising rookies with low injury ratings, regardless of their overall skill level, to ensure a more authentic representation of the game's dynamics.

Interestingly, players have noted a peculiar inconsistency in the injury experiences of CPU teams compared to user-controlled teams. By Week 15, 16, 17, and 18, user-controlled teams often find themselves plagued by injuries, while CPU teams seemingly breeze through the season with minimal injury concerns. Turning off practice injuries is a recommended tweak for those seeking a more injury-prone environment.

An effective strategy to navigate the unpredictability of injuries involves proactively starting rookies or undrafted free agents over higher-rated starters. This not only provides an avenue for fresh talent to showcase their abilities but also serves as a preemptive measure against the inconsistency and unreliability of injuries. The community attests to instances where substituting lower-rated offensive linemen has yielded improved consistency, reinforcing the idea that giving deserving players a chance can pay dividends.

In conclusion, the Madden 24 franchise community's wishlist reflects a desire for a more nuanced and customizable experience, particularly in the realms of injury severity and roster management. As the community continues to engage with the game and advocate for these enhancements, it remains to be seen whether future updates will bring these desired features to life, offering a more immersive and dynamic franchise mode for dedicated Madden enthusiasts.

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