NBA 2K17 spin-off for the price? Shop Overview Game KO 12


How much it costs NBA 2K17 video game? We put the game on the line. You should definitely be familiar with this title: the title of the game currently has a center 15 of about 50 products. At the top of the list, he rated "very good" in the category of mood. We show you the best deals from 2K. In the video game offerings in detail.

Here are three exciting offers for NBA 2K17. For prices, click on the "Compare offers more" - we will by directly linking to the gate to comparison shop. Below in comparison with the offer you will also find more information about the game. BTW: here are prices for the release of the PlayStation 4, which we also tested. Overall, the manufacturer launched the game platforms following games: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Besi. Are you interested in another version of the price, we recommend a page overview Besicak. You'll see all the results in our list.

Video games is very difficult to get hold of the substantive test criteria. Compared with the devices, there are no hard measurements, but especially pressing and direct comparison with competing products. Therefore, the test method is relatively subjective. At least two of the editors of the game savvy take on evaluation of individual test scores.

We evaluate games in total four categories: atmosphere, games, technology and innovation. While the first three aspects represent 30 percent of the total assessment, assessment of innovation is 10 percent of the total score. The definition of an atmosphere of the game through the setup, the story, characters and game design itself. In addition to the appropriate species, it is added to the quest design and the quality of comments, and check the contents. Evaluation of the game seems everything to do with the game itself: Depending on the type, the system of the game, personal development, and the general state of the game, the user interface and control - the term "fun to play "the next day. The technique is based on the evaluation of the quality of the graphics, sound, music, and the quality of physics and the use of modern features that enhance the game experience. fully Innovation is given to the evaluation of a very good game developers, who bring forward this kind, and let new ideas flow in and take bold decisions or reinvent themselves and stay on track.