'NBA 2K18' on the switch does not contain Face Scan on launch


The Nintendo Switcher version of the NBA 2K18 plays smoothly, but it will not be compatible with the MyNBA2K18 face scan application at the start, for any Steve Noa sports operation.

The Nintendo Switch has only been available since March, but we are already learning to expect less versions of the games on the console, which also appears on PS4 and the Facebook One. If nothing else, we are assigned to search for late versions of some small features.

Late release of the scan option is delayed in this category.

For those who do not realize, gamers can capture realistic realistic images of themselves on a portable device that moves to the console for use in Mplayer / Maternity mode. It is the most popular situation of NBA 2K18 MT Coins fans for several years. The app has been live on Wednesday, but it is currently syncing only.

The mobile application is live on Wednesday, but is currently syncing only with PS4, Xbox Live and Steam. There seems to be a missing quadrant in the menu, supposed to be filled by the one-time technology switch.

There is no specific date for the approval of the switch, but we hope it will not take as long as the online game played to reach the NBA stadiums. Of course, the two games come for different developers, but this delay is probably the worst.