Path Of Exile: Would you recommend them


How would you rate the builds you've played in this tournament? The base game is in great condition and the metal trees allow for new builds to be built. What builds did you play in this tournament? Would you recommend them?

The tournament begins as the Boneshatter Juggernaut. Completed 2/4 of the empty rock and most of the map before hitting the wall with DPS due to the high pdps 2h ax needed. 10/10 tournament starts. 7/10 for mid game and up.

Go back to a witch (with a level like Hollow Palm) and play Detonate Dead Ignite, with plans to become a Poison-DD Mystic. I ended up sticking with DD-Ignite (Blackflame) for a week or two and making a lot of money from Delve as well as completing my empty stones. 10/10.

I was a bit bored and decided to play Pathfinder Poison LS which is an absolute and super fun unit to work out defense mechanics with Mahuxotls. 10/10.

I decided to run Spark Inquisitor because I never played Spark until the end of the game. I followed the instructions of animeprincess and then eventually switched to aurastack, but my budget has some so make one bad aurastacker (no MB, no ash). I upgraded to Abyss Stacking Hierophant and love it. Stacked Abyss 9/10. 6-8/10 for Inquisitors.

I complied with my BS Juggernaut to get to the Reap Chieftain but didn't have the money to build allowing for Super Vision. Switched to EK Chieftain which was a fun and meta-friendly build, but was having trouble figuring out the higher scale. Finally exchange the Chieftain Explode totem to receive an invitation to go to the farm. Crazy character, but somehow not very interesting despite being OP. 10/10 OP. 7/10 for style of play.

Upgraded ANOTHER Ranger to test bows. I remember why I don't like archery style. Then went to SST. Couldn't afford a super cool EV so bought the right one for the 10D. He's a great corps farmer, to be honest, super good, but I'm bad, so it's hard to target. Now it is ready to be deleted. Strength 10/10. 7/10 for fun.

I respect my Witch in Ice Nova Occultist "one button" and don't look back. Crazy damage, exploding screen, decent survivability due to high invulnerability. I used it to nurture devastated and devastated cards and invitations. I enjoyed this build so much that I plan to do it for the next tournament. 10/10 for fun. 10/10 for the map. 7/10 for pet invitation.

I have respected my Spark Hierophant to try other builds. I tried the Storm Brand-LC but it felt clunky and weak on defense. 5/10. I played Magefists Bladefall Blade Blast it was awesome. 8/10. But I wanted to be more beefy, so I switched to Arc-Galvanic Field, which is fun but a bit cumbersome and not too aggressive. Tried both Hierophant and Inquisitor to be resilient, but disappointed with MoM/Agnostic and just general defenses. I'll probably go back to Spark Hierophant but I'll look to for inspiration for cool builds. I could do RF Inquisitor instead because resilience is especially appealing to me because I hate dying and I'm not a very good player. I'm really a fan of 2-node builds because I find them rewarding, but I feel awkward at times. Galvanic arc field 6/10.

I've always played Ice Nova because it's fun, rewarding and very powerful, my preference for this game is mind-building puzzle games, so I've been playing some constructions ! Nice fun, but if I focus/satisfied with one character, I can definitely get MB or HH in this tournament... But hey, maybe the next tournament.

Overall it was a great tournament and I definitely collect the Explode Totem and Poison LS Pathfinder for the standard (though I don't really play the standard).

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