So far I absolutely love my time with Diablo 4


Escape from the Diablo 3 mentality... I've really enjoyed my time with Diablo 4 so far. One thing I'm having trouble with is how I view the upgrade process. Having spent thousands of hours in D3 over the past decade, the goal at the start of the game and in each season is to get to the max level. While the exemplar system is limitless in D3, it feels like reaching 70 as soon as possible so you can get through the seasonal journey, get gifts from Haedrig, and start blasting T16. All of this usually happens on the opening night of a season for the most experienced players.

Moving to Diablo IV requires a drastic change in the way you approach leveling. It's not endless, so you have to look at it differently. I'm currently level 78 and can only work a few hours a day. I kept calculating how many days it would take me to reach level 100. Thoughts like "if I can average 1 level up per day, that's 22 days until I'm 100". 22 days is a lifetime in D3. The end of the game probably soloed the GR150 in less than 5 minutes at this point in the season. It's like you have this illogical FOMO feeling. Like being at level 100 will unlock more games than you have at 78. This is completely untrue.

When I realized that a level 800 weapon at character level 78 is as powerful as a level 100 weapon, I suddenly realized that the pressure I put on myself to reach level 100 was futile. Sure, you're missing 20-30 benchmarks, but that's not really decisive. This revelation (despite the slow grasp) changed my view of the game.

The goal of D4 (in my eyes at least) is not to max out as soon as possible. It's more about gear, which is why what you get at 78 can still be what you use when pushing high level nightmare dungeons. You can never say that about D3 because item power is intrinsically tied to character level.

It's a hard mindset to break and I have to remind myself of it daily to make sure I don't fall into the trap of leveling pressure.

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