SSF Build Recommendations and Loot Filter for Path of Exile


As a player starting in SSF (Solo Self-Found) mode and looking to prepare for the upcoming league, you're seeking an all-around build to complete the atlas. You're open to suggestions and would also appreciate a recommended loot filter specifically tailored for SSF.

While I may not be the best crafter, build creator, or player, I can provide some guidance:

1, Choose a build that can comfortably farm the necessary content to progress your character and acquire the items you need, such as voidstones.

2, Consider focusing on crafting mechanics like essences and Harvest to strengthen your character, while also investing in other mechanics like Expedition or Delve for additional currency and rewards. Delve is particularly advantageous for fossil crafting, which can be powerful and efficient if you learn some key recipes.

3, Here are a few builds that I find intuitive for SSF:

- Cold DoT Trickster/Occultist.

- Ice Trap Saboteur (note: this build may have changed significantly).

- DD (Detonate Dead) Elementalist (consider leveling as WoC-Ignite or Armabrand-Cremation).

- Boneshatter Juggernaut/Slayer.

- RF (Righteous Fire) Juggernaut/Inquisitor.

4, It's advisable to choose a build with a comprehensive guide or multiple creators who have published crafting guides for various items in the build.

5, RF with Pohx's wiki is a solid choice, as is MaxRolls' Boneshatter Slayer/Juggernaut.

6, RF offers excellent tankiness for essences, Harvest, Expedition, and Delve. If you prefer a balanced approach between tankiness and DPS, Inquisitor is a good option and easier to color/socket your 6-link.

7, BS (Boneshatter) is a powerful choice, and if you're feeling adventurous or fortunate with drops, you can respec into Flicker Strike, which excels at clearing maps. However, it may not perform as well in essences, Harvest, or Expedition encounters.

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Have a good game.