The design concept of the game "Elden Ring"


"Elden Ring" is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is a game that requires obtaining various items and materials, as well as a large number of Elden Ring Runes, to enhance the character's combat power. the game quickly gained popularity for its expansive open-world design, deep lore, and challenging gameplay, characteristics that have come to define FromSoftware's titles.

The essence of Miyazaki's design philosophy in games like Elden Ring and its DLC, Erdtree, revolves around the intricacies of player death and challenge. He emphasizes not just the frequency of deaths but also their variety and impact, aiming to create a compelling and memorable gameplay experience. Here are the key points extracted from the interview:

Variety in Deaths: Miyazaki puts significant thought into the ways players can meet their demise, striving to offer a wide range of creative and engaging death scenarios. This is evident in his notorious inclusion of poison swamps in his games, though he admits to toning this down in Erdtree.

Player Experience: Despite the high difficulty, Miyazaki's intention is to push players to their limits while keeping the experience engaging. His goal is to design challenges that players can ultimately overcome, instilling a sense of accomplishment and perseverance.

Balancing Fun and Stress: A critical takeaway from Elden Ring to Erdtree is the balance between enjoyable and stressful gameplay. Miyazaki and his team have focused on ensuring that the boss encounters in Erdtree are more engaging and fun, learning from player feedback and experiences.

Faith in Players: Miyazaki views his relationship with players as one of mutual respect, where he trusts in their ability to overcome the trials he designs. This trust is a cornerstone of his approach, as he believes in giving players challenges that are tough but fair, ultimately rewarding their effort and skill.

In summary, Miyazaki's design philosophy for Elden Ring and its DLC, Erdtree, is deeply rooted in creating varied and memorable challenges while balancing difficulty with enjoyment, demonstrating his confidence in the players' resilience and capability.

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