​The Madden 23 Team Diamonds


The Madden 23 Team Diamonds application brings a gaggle of excessive-rated playing cards to Ultimate Team this yr, how will this promo paintings and a way to get those aggressive gadgets? Get into all of the information, together with Team Diamonds gamers, group chemistry, units, demanding situations, tokens, and greater.

Madden 23 Team Diamonds Players Reveal - Team Diamonds in MUT 23

A general of 33 Team Diamonds participant playing cards dropped in Madden 23 Ultimate Team with the aid of using a ways.


The Team Diamond grasp or champion ninety six average John Elway has simply been found out, with all 32 NFL Teams and Legends chemistry. He receives Slinger 1 Release, that is the quickest launch in the sport, he additionally receives Hot Route Master for three AP, Set Feet Lead for two AP, Gunslinger for 1 AP, and Fearless for 1 AP, John Elway might be the great QB in Madden 23. This card goes to be priced at a ton of MUT 23 coins.

John Elway - QB - 96

All 32 Team Diamonds

Below are all the 32 Team Diamonds gamers found out in MUT 23 with their Team Chemistry, which brings an characteristic enhance to every participant for a particular group to your lineup, each participant represents a group that fits Team Chemistry. In addition, Team Diamonds gamers get x2 Team Chemistry Components for the group they constitute throughout this promo, and get x1 for the group they play for.

Matt Forte - HB - 92 (+1 Acceleration to all Bears)

Mark Clayton - WR - 92 (+1 Deep Route Running to all Dolphins)

Willie Anderson - RT - 92 (+1 Run Blocking to all Bengals)

Bernie Kosar - QB - 92 (+1 Pass Block to all Browns)

Terrell Davis - HB - 92 (+1 Juke to all Broncos)

Jimmie Giles - TE - 92 (+1 Catch in Traffic to all Buccaneers)

Darnell Dockett - DT - 92 (+1 Impact Block to all Cardinals)

Charlie Joiner - WR - 92 (+1 Medium Route Running to all Chargers)

Ed Budde - LG - 92 (+1 Run Block Power to all Chiefs)

Bert Jones - QB - 92 (+1 Pass Block Power to all Colts)

Jason Witten - TE - 92 (+1 Carrying to all Cowboys)

Keith Byars - FB - 92 (+1 Trucking to all Eagles)

Deangelo Hall - CB - 92 (+1 Pursuit to all Falcons)

Joe Perry - FB - 92 (+1 Pass Block Finesse to all 49ers)

Pete Metzelaars - TE - 92 (+1 Short Route Running to all Bills)

Keith Hamilton - DT - 92 (+1 Strength to all Giants)

Tony Boselli - LT - 92 (+1 Awareness to all Jaguars)

Victor Green - SS - 92 (+1 Man Coverage to all Jets)

Glover Quin - FS - 92 (+1 Catching to all Lions)

Donald Driver - WR - 92 (+1 Break Tackle to all Packers)

Greg Olsen - TE - 92 (+1 Throw at the Run to all Panthers)

Lawyer Milloy - SS - 92 (+1 Agility to all Patriots)

Rod Martin - ROLB - 92 (+1 Finesse Moves to all Raiders)

Kevin Carter - LE - 92 (+1 Power Moves to all Rams)

Jacoby Jones - WR - 92 (+1 Deep Throw Accuracy to all Ravens)

London Fletcher - MLB - 92 (+1 Block Shed to all Commanders)

Sammy Knight - FS - 92 (+1 Press to all Saints)

Doug Baldwin - WR - 92 (+1 Spec Catch to all Seahawks)

Hines Ward - WR - 92 (+1 Run Block Finesse to all Steelers)

Brian Cushing - MLB - 92 (+1 Zone Coverage to all Texans)

Samari Rolle - CB - 92 (+1 Play Recognition to all Titans)

Chad Greenway - LOLB - 92 (+1 Hit Power to all Vikings)

How to Get All Team Diamonds Players in Madden 23 Ultimate Team?

All ninety two OVR Team Diamonds gamers in MUT 23 may be earned with the aid of using finishing their particular set, there can be precise gamers from that group withinside the units and they'll now no longer be returning the playing cards again,  an opportunity uniform set can be to be had as properly, we’ll replace quickly while the set requirement and information are to be had.  

To get the ninety six OVR Team Diamonds Champion John Elway, you want to finish every set and gain the collectible praise, after you accrued all 32 collectibles, you could redeem them to obtain a TD John Elway.

Updated (October 20):

Madden 23 Team Diamonds Challenges

This yr, the Team Captains found out earlier than may be upgraded to ninety one average the use of the tokens that want to be earned in Team Diamonds demanding situations. A general of 3 Team Captain tokens may be received in 32 solo demanding situations, you could use one token in your captain to feature 1 OVR every time.

Milestone Rewards

20 Stars: Team Captain Upgrade Token

40 Stars: 2,000 Coins

60 Stars: 87 OVR Unsung Heroes Fantasy Pack

80 Stars: 2,000 Coins

100 Stars: Team Captain Upgrade Token

120 Stars: 2,000 Coins

140 Stars: Team Captain Upgrade Token

160 Stars: 5,000 Coins

Madden 23 Team Diamonds Sets

Each ninety two OVR Team Diamonds participant has his very own set. All units are quite a good deal comparable, you simply want gamers in extraordinary groups. Below are  examples, you could additionally earn a Team Diamonds token from every set. You are going to fee a number of cheap mut 23 coins to get those units finished.

- 92 OVR Team Diamond Matt Forte set: Exchange numerous Bears gamers to obtain one ninety two average TD Matt Forte and one Team Diamond Token. (37 gadgets required)

- 92 OVR Team Diamond Bernie Kosar set: Exchange numerous Browns gamers to obtain one ninety two average TD Bernie Kosar and one Team Diamond Token.