The Power of the Vagabond: A Comprehensive Elden Ring Build Guide


Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action RPG from the minds of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its challenging gameplay, expansive open world, and captivating lore. As players delve into the mysterious lands of the Lands Between, they embark on a journey filled with powerful adversaries and awe-inspiring landscapes. In this guide, we'll explore an optimized Vagabond build, specifically utilizing the Night Rider Glaive, to demonstrate its prowess in challenging encounters throughout the game.

The Starting Class Series:

In the realm of Elden Ring, the Vagabond stands out as a versatile starting class, offering players the choice between a straight sword or halberd at the outset. Our guide focuses on harnessing the power of the Vagabond using the halberd, particularly the formidable Night Rider Glaive, known for its effectiveness in strength-based builds.

Optimizing the Build:

The journey begins by acquiring essential Elden Ring Items, such as the Axe Talisman, Foul Foot, and Dagger with Golden Vow. A strategic route through various locations, including Limgrave, Mwood Ruins, and Lona's Rise, sets the stage for obtaining crucial items like the Night Rider Glaive and unlocking its true potential.

Combat Strategies:

The Night Rider Glaive, leveled up to +16, becomes a force to be reckoned with as the Vagabond faces formidable foes like the Sleepy Dragon in Fort Farth. The guide shares insights into combat tactics, showcasing how the halberd excels in different situations, from facing the Knight's Cavalry to engaging in boss battles.

Versatility in Weaponry:

While the Night Rider Glaive takes the spotlight, the guide emphasizes the Vagabond's adaptability. Players are encouraged to experiment with various weapons, such as the Ritual Sword Talisman and Draconic Sentinel, providing a diverse combat experience and satisfying playstyle.

Challenging Boss Encounters:

The Vagabond build is put to the test against challenging bosses like Godric, Beast, and Malth, showcasing the effectiveness of well-timed parries, charged attacks, and the Vagabond's unique abilities. The guide highlights strategies to handle each encounter efficiently, making the journey through Elden Ring rewarding and enjoyable.

Unleashing the Night Rider Glaive:

The Night Rider Glaive proves its worth as a formidable weapon throughout the guide. Its speed and strength combination offer a satisfying balance, allowing players to maintain a relentless offensive playstyle. The guide demonstrates how this weapon excels in various scenarios, including crowd control, staggering enemies, and dealing significant damage to bosses.


As players traverse the Lands Between in Elden Ring, the optimized Vagabond build with the Night Rider Glaive emerges as a powerful and enjoyable choice. This guide serves as a testament to the versatility and strength of the Vagabond class, encouraging players to embrace its unique playstyle and conquer the challenges that lie ahead in the mystical world of the Elden Ring.

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