The Ultimate FC 24 Custom Tactics for the 4-3-2-1 Formation


It's time to dive into another exhilarating discussion about FC 24 custom tactics, and today, we're focusing on the widely acclaimed 4-3-2-1 formation. In this article, we'll break down the custom tactics used by EA Sports FC 24, a renowned FIFA content creator. So, whether you're an experienced FIFA player looking to fine-tune your strategy or just a beginner seeking guidance, stay tuned for some valuable insights.

Balanced vs. Direct Passing

In the world of EA Sports FC 24, tactics can make or break your gameplay. EA Sports FC 24 starts by discussing the defensive style. For the 4-3-2-1 formation, a balanced defensive style is the go-to choice. However, there's a difference between the New Gen and Old Gen versions of FIFA 23. On New Gen, balanced and direct passing is the way to go. This combination works well, particularly if your squad boasts high-rated cards with blistering 99 Pace stats. However, on Old Gen, things take a slight twist. Here, you'll want to switch to "Lumba" and "Balanced" for your defensive style and passing settings. It appears that on Old Gen, these settings mimic the effectiveness of "balanced" and "direct passing" on New Gen.

Depth and Width Considerations

Now, let's talk depth and width. In FIFA 23, controlling the depth of your team's defensive line can be pivotal, especially when everyone's chasing those speedy 99-rated cards. For this formation, EA Sports FC 24 suggests a depth of 55. This depth helps prevent the opposition's runners from breaking through your defense easily. Keeping the width at 40 ensures that your formation remains tight and compact, which is crucial for a 4-3-2-1 setup. A narrow formation encourages your left and right forwards to play close to your striker, increasing the chances of creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Player Instructions

Player instructions are where the magic happens, and here's how EA Sports FC 24 configures them:

   • Strikers: Set both your strikers to "Getting Behind." This tweak increases their off-the-ball movement and creates more opportunities for throughballs and quick counter-attacks.

   • Left Forward (Left Mid in 4-4-2): Instruct this player to "Come Back on Defense." This decision is pivotal for maintaining a solid defensive shape while still offering support during attacks.

   • Left Center Mid: Configure this player to "Get Into the Box for Cross." This midfield role adds an extra attacking dimension by getting your midfielder into scoring positions.

   • Middle Center Mid: This player should "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center." Essentially, they become the anchor of your midfield, preventing counter-attacks and maintaining stability.

   • Right Center Mid: Leave this player on default settings, including "Cover Wing." This provides tactical versatility, allowing them to drift wide when necessary and disrupt the opponent's defensive shape.

   • Right Back: Instruct your right-back to "Stay Back While Attacking." This ensures that you have one full-back involved in the attack and the other staying behind to defend.

   • Left Back: Conversely, the left-back should be set to "Join the Attack." This enables the left-back to overlap with your left-forward and create overloads on the flank.

   • Goalkeeper: Finally, set "Comes for Crosses" and "Sweeper Keeper" on your goalkeeper. This enhances their ability to deal with crosses and supports your high defensive line.


And there you have it, the custom tactics used by EA Sports FC 24 for the 4-3-2-1 formation in FIFA 23. Whether you're playing on New Gen or Old Gen, these tactics provide a solid foundation to build upon. Remember, these tactics are just a starting point; you can always tweak them to suit your playing style and preferences.

As you hit the virtual pitch, keep in mind that success in EA Sports FC 24 isn't solely determined by custom tactics; your skill, adaptability, and understanding of the game mechanics are equally crucial. So, experiment with these tactics, learn from your experiences, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful game of virtual football.

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