Unlocking Victory: Dominating FC 24 with the Ultimate 3-4-1-2 Tactics


Football requires a lot of skills and strategy whether you are playing it in the real world or in a game. When you are playing FC 24, you need to learn formations and tactics to dominate the other team. The 3-4-1-2 formation is a popular formation in FC 24. Just pair this formation with the FC 24: Best 3-4-1-2 Tactics, right players, and instructions to win matches. If you’re a pro player, we advise you to adjust the tactics to use strong players up front.

3-4-1-2 Formation

This is a popular formation that uses a total of seven players for defense. This includes three defenders and four midfielders. For attacks, two strikers and one attacking midfielder are available. As you can see from the players' placement, this formation has players for offense and defense.

Player Roles and Instructions

Goalkeeper – Add a goalkeeper with good distribution skills to your team so he can reliably stop shots. You can buy fc 24 coins from MMOexp.com, get the best goalkeeper. He will play an important role in starting the build-up play of your team. The goalkeeper needs to start the attack from the back so set the instruction to Distribute to center-backs.

Central Defenders – In this formation, central Defenders are the backbone of your defense. Check your cards for center-backs and ball-playing defenders who have strong passing skills to use in this formation. You need a good defensive line that can deal with attacks from the other team. For this purpose, set the instructions for central defenders to defend.

Central Midfielders – There are two Central Midfielders in the 3-4-1-2 formation. Use one of the Central Midfielders as a deep-lying playmaker. This playmaker will distribute the ball on the field and will dictate the overall tempo of the game with his distribution skills. The second Central Midfielder will act as a box-to-box midfielder and you don’t need a specialist at this position. Choose any midfielder with overall average skills.

Wide Midfielders – If you need width in your team on the field, you need to put some Wide Midfielders in your team. Use the winger position for your midfielders if they have good crossing and dribbling skills. Otherwise, the Wide Midfielders option will work well for normal situations. Instruct the Wide Midfielders to cross more often and stay wide so they can deliver the ball into the box to create chances.

Attacking Midfielder – In this formation, the attacking Midfielder will act as the backbone of your team. Use a shadow striker or an advanced playmaker at this position for maximum benefit. You can use any player as an Attacking Midfielder for as long as he has good passing skills and vision. Instruct the Attacking Midfielder to be creative so they can unlock the defense of the opponent by taking more risks and roaming from position instructions.

Strikers – There are two strikers in this formation and they will help each other on the field. One of the strikers will link up the play so use him at the deep-lying forward position or complete forward position. For the second striker, advanced forward or poacher are good options as he will score goals for your team. Instruct them to press more so they can put some pressure on the defense lineup of the other team.

Team Instructions

Mentality – A balanced mentality should be used at the start and adjusted later.

Team Shape – Go with a flexible team shape so you can transition from attack to defense or vice versa in no time.

In Possession – When you have possession of the ball, let your teammates play out of defense and build from the back. Use short passes.

In Transition – If you have lost the ball, use counter-press to get it quickly. If the goalkeeper has the ball, ask him to send the ball to a deep-lying playmaker so your team can attack.

Out of Possession – If you want to keep players of the other team away, decrease space between your defenders and midfielders using a higher defense line. Use an offside trap with quick defenders for the upper hand. If you don’t have the ball, use ‘get stuck in’ to take the ball back with aggression.

Match Strategy

This formation isn’t your guarantee to win a match. You need to keep an eye on the match and make some last-minute adjustments to ensure the win. For width, use full-backs and wide midfielders. They will stretch the defense lineup of the other team and create space between the lineup. The central attackers in your team will then use this space to launch a counterattack. Set pieces such as free kicks and corner kicks are very important. Take some time to train your players for these set pieces. Using these set pieces, you can get some last-minute goals or break the defense lineup of the other team no matter how strong it is.