​What to look for in bus drivers


What should you be looking for in bus drivers. Minimum requirements (if experienced players). )...Firstly you'll find that it's not the most important prerequisite for busing since it mainly can make you stronger but doesn't make you any stronger than other factors. This is a rough draft to ensure you'll know what to be looking for. I'm very knowledgeable and work on every character on stream each day.

My twitch has a parasite if you are interested. This article is to ensure that buyers don't simply look at ilvl and then think that they won't be bussed . If you're not meeting the more stringent requirements, then aren't very good and shouldn't even be bussing at all.

Argos bus: 4 man - 1415+ lvl 5+ gems, 4x3 meta engravings, demon beast pieces + some argos or better.

Three players - one who is able to be a solo player sun or moon 1445+, lvl 7, meta engravings of 4x3 Relic quality high stats, the other two players could be 1415+ and meet the requirements listed above.

Be aware that this is for a professional event, and it is contingent on the classes. The best classes to take are those that have bursts for bussing.

2 person 2 man+ gems, meta engravings in 4x3 sizes Relic accessories, 4-6 pieces gears for relics, 3-4 lvl tripods. Ideally, it could be more but this is attainable by eating and having a feast.

Valtan Normal and hard:

Normal 4 man - 1415+ lvl 7+ gems, 4x3 meta engravings relic accessory, demon beast/argos level 3-4 tripods.

Normal 2 man - 1445+ lvl 7+ gems, 5x3 meta engravings relic acc, 2-6 piece relic, level 3/4 tripods.

It's not a good idea to 3man since unless you're super tough you'll be dead to the prison in phase 2.

The Hard Four Man - 1445+ Lvl 7+ gems, 4x3 meta engraving relic 2-6 pieces of Relic. Lvl 3-4 tripods.

Hard 2 man - 1475+ lvl 7+ gems, 5x3 meta engravings 2-6 piece relic, lvl 3-4 tripods.

The aim here is to be able to get through the mech imprisoned, so you'll need to top off prior to it. It is recommended to have around 110k+ HP. I would recommend 19+ armors, high quality armor rolls.

Vykas both hard and normal

Regular 3/4 guy good synergy for parties 1445+ lvl 7 gems, meta engravings of 4x3 2-6 piece relic 3rd level tripods.

Hard 3/4 man great party synergy 1490+ level gems (7 and 8+ 5x3 relic with good stats, 4-6 pieces of relic, and lvl 3/4 tripods.

This is a rough draft and party synergy is far more than you believe. Vykas is a major DPS check particularly gate 2. These are the minimum requirements , or close to them if you're a good player. Follow me on stream if there are concerns "parasite".

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